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What is NAND?

Simply put NAND is a type of flash memory which is used for general storage and transfer of data. You can find these in memory cards, pendrives and also in SSDs. In Xbox 360 this memory contains the boot sector. If you want to know more about flash memory types then I leave there its wikipedia page link.

Why do you need to create a new NAND?

There could be several reasons why you need a new NAND for your console. There are a few typical examples:

  1. You lost the original NAND due to drive failure
  2. Maybe you deleted it by accident
  3. Another possibility is that your NAND is corrupted for some reason
  4. Last but not least the console was not yours originally, so you don’t have it


There are a few things we need before we can generate a new NAND for our console. First of all, I think it is important to specify the softwares I am using. For the operation I use the J-Runner v0.7 by BenMitnicK, but of course you can use either newer or older version as well. The operating system is Windows 7 x64 with the latest updates (04/02/2021). The OS has nothing to do with the software most of the time, so I just shared it in case you are interested.

Now comes the important part. If you selected your desired J-Runner version, then there are three other things we need for the process to go smoothly:

  1. The current NAND with ECC written OR the glitched image currently flashed to the console
  2. The consoles CPU key
  3. A clean donor smc file which you can download from here

Now that we have everything we need, let us go to the tutorial section. I promise it will not take neither too much time nor too much steps.

Generate the new NAND

Step 1

Open up the J-Runner and with the Load Source button import the NAND file I previously mentioned above.

Step 2

On the top menu select Tools menu and in the dropdown click on the Extract Files option. This will extract the previously imported NAND, because we are going to need some files from it.

Step 3

If everything worked as expected, then on the bottom of the black box you have to see the following result: Finished. If you see this, then press the Show Working Folder button on the right of the black box.

Step 4

In the explorer you will see the previously extracted NANDs files in a folder with the following name: Extracts-CPUKEY. Open it and and copy the KV_dec.bin and smc_config.bin files to another folder and rename the KV_dec.bin to KV.bin, so just delete the _dec part.


Step 5


Step 6


Step 7


Step 8:

Step 9:

Step 10: